Saturday, March 25, 2017

HST Diamonds

I am working on a quilt for a secret recipient, using the leftovers from the Big Ass Teal Cat quilt.
Here's where I ended day 1. 

This is a do-over of the Citrus Squares Quilt that I did in 2012.  I borrowed the idea from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works.  
I took advantage of the fact that my design wall panels fell off the wall and used 2 to help with this project so I could do it in the front room (where the TV is).  I'm sewing this project on the Singer 15-91 that I bought from my buddy Boomer.  Because it's too pretty not to.  It has some tension issues / attitude that I'm still working out.  But I totally love the heel activated presser foot!
The sun was shining this afternoon, so I had to take advantage for this photo - op in full day light!  This is about the 2/3 point.
And where I'm ending tonight is with the lay-out of the last section.  I completely mis-judged how many squares I needed, so this is the 3rd round of HST.  Despite that, I think it is not particularly noticeable that there are new fabrics in some parts.  (AAARGGGHHH!  I just noticed some bits on the lower edge I feel compelled to change...since I still can)

Will decide tomorrow if I'll add borders or just leave it lap size with an edge-to-edge design.

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