Sunday, August 13, 2017


It's been a busy summer with wedding, baby, gardening, house projects, funerals and helping friends and family.  We try to get out on the motorcycles each weekend as well.

Earlier this summer, when it was still relatively cool, I did make some progress on the hand quilting on this huge quilt.  About 13 more of the tan squares to go, which puts me somewhere around the 70% finished spot.  Should have it done by the end of football season.

One terribly hot weekend, I pulled out my Benjamin Biggs applique and worked on a few squares.

The sewing room is a disaster.  Not only have things been piling up from neglect, it was also a staging area for the wedding things, and we had windows replaced in this room.  This is today's goal to get this pulled back together so I can actually work in here.

Took my first steps that direction yesterday, replacing the velcro style hangers with double sticky tape.  5 of the 8 panels I made had fallen off.  I guess the relatively light weight of the panels combined with the fact that the squishy foam doesn't allow good pressure for adhering the hooky parts to each other.

 My goal today:  Finish the room tidy, and get back to work on the 2016 Temperature Quilt.

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Angie in SoCal said...

I've had grandkids over for most of the summer, so sewing has been stalled a bit. My room looks like your, lol.