Sunday, August 13, 2017


The big tidy up is over.  It took longer than expected as I went through all the bins of patterns and re-organized.  Hopefully, this will also keep these books from doing their annual dive off the shelves when I move more than a couple items.
I have this master plan to not impulse buy fabric.  But I really can't resist a bargain.  These are the bulk fabrics, mostly bought on sale at a deep discount.  Except for that purple batik. It's an emergency back up plan for my friend Pat.  I was several hundred miles away with her daughter when we picked out a fabric for a wedding quilt.  She told her daughter to buy far less of this fabric than I think she needs.  And if I'm wrong, I really, really like it.
This is the sanctioned large yardage stash.  With the Jelly Roll and Friendship squares above.
This mess from the desk...

Got re-filed into 2 small yardage drawers, the Temperature Quilt Project, and the Project #3 of the Big Ass Teal Cat leftovers.  
And there's actually room for my sweet granddaughter to hang out with me now.

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Amy said...

Nicely organized! You deserve to reward yourself... and such lovely color stimulation for the little missy. She's going to love hanging with you, maybe even becoming the next generation quilter in the family.