Monday, September 11, 2017


I have been busy hanging out with this cute thing this weekend.  I decided to start a project that I hoped would be pretty easy and allow for ease of stop and start.

I opted for the 3 Dudes Quilt.  While watching the tutorial, my alarm bells did go off when I realized that the design was going to end up with bias edges.  Then I got distracted by babe and decided to do it anyway.

And then I started laying out the design, and realized something wasn't quite right.  Seems that when I walked away from the project at one baby break, I didn't realize I'd omitted an entire series of blue strips.  At this point it was too late to fix it, so I have a different pattern.

The bias blocks were every bit the horror I had imagined.  As careful as I was, the points are frequently off, and my error make for sections with 8 points that are of course, difficult to sew through.  I altered the outer section to accomodate the left over bits, and added 2 blue borders I hoped would stabilize the edges.
Despite my heroic efforts to keep things even, there are still going to be a couple darts one one edge to make this relatively flat.

I decided to use some of this pink print that I bought on sale for the backing in case all that fuchia batik decides to bleed.

I spliced some batting remnants for a "free" batting.
And did some marking an pinning at the same time.

I'll be starting with some walking foot, close parallel lines on the blue sections, then will wait for inspiration on the pink


Amy said...

The little minx! She's proving too irresistible for a sewing companion. (Oh, I would love to have a cutie like her in my sewing hole!) Stick with 4 or 9 patches. She can't wreak too much havoc on those mindless blocks.

Lynette said...

It looks great as it it, and not knowing where the left-out blues were supposed to be, I can't imagine where they would show up. :) Bias work can sure be a challenge. I've got an on-point quilt about to get going with, so I'm hoping it will behave!

Angie in SoCal said...

You're great at solving problems. Going to be a lovely quilt.