Thursday, September 20, 2018

Summer Quilting

Since my last post, I spent nearly the whole month of July on my motorcycle.  We rode over 5000 miles, in 6 states, 3 different trips. The result being no quilting, but excellent additions to the fabric stash.  The quilt shop in Halfway, OR was closing and everything was 50% off.  Since it was cold that weekend, I was wearing everything I took on the trip so the saddlebags were empty.  Interesting fact:  You can fit 80 yards of fabric on a Victory Cross Country.

I did spend some time doing some FMQ to make this logo pig pillow for a fund raiser. 

Which inspired me to donate a custom pillow as another prize.  The winner wanted something beach theme in "neutrals" and teal.  Specifically her house is decorated in tan, grey and teal.  I had imagined a pair of simple pillows with a coral colored crab on one and a starfish on the other. But once I started designing, things got out of hand. 
 I fell in love with pictures of a Maryland Blue Crab and knew I had to make one. 
 And compared to the crab, a lone starfish seemed lame.  So I added some friends. 
 I had plenty of teal in the stash for the backs. 
 The crab was hand quilted for this lovely scrunchiness.
 The shells were machine quilted
 This is as "neutral" as I have the ability to make. 
My husband drilled holes in some shells from my collection which became the buttons on the back. 
It was a blast to do something totally out of my normal topic and color scheme. 

Next on the agenda: Tidying up the sewing room.  Organizing all the batiks I acquired over the summer.  Some Hawaiian Shirts I've collected fabric for over the past couple years. UFOs, including the bookcase quilt.


Frog Quilter said...

Beautiful pillows and the quilting is wonderful.

Amy said...

Wow, if I were at the fundraiser, you bet I'd bid on a custom pillow made by you! These are gorgeous and perfect for a beach themed house. And thanks for the saddlebag yardage info. I'll pass that along to my biking friends.