Sunday, October 14, 2018

UFO Finish

I have been back to finishing up UFOs.  This one started back in 2012. 
 The quilt group I belonged to at the time, had a tradition of people making blocks for the hostess' project.  I provided packets of the pink fabrics with instructions to combine it with black and return a 16.5" block using HST.  This was what I found that had been returned to me. 
 I kept adding bits until I had a quilt about 75" square.
 And I quilted it with a million feathers.
 Since it was for my BFF, I used some of my favorite stash fabrics, including this paisley that was supposed to a skirt for me. 
And now this is Cassandra's quilt.


Amy said...

Gorgeous! And the quilting is amazing. I'll bet it feels lovely. It's definitely a treasure for Cassandra.

Angie in SoCal said...

Lovely. And isn't it fun to have a UFO done from our stacks!

Julie Fukuda said...

Getting a UFO off the list is always a great feeling, but having it go off to someone who is going to love it is a big bonus.