Saturday, May 21, 2011


Maybe a full week of quilt activities is too much.  I started seeing llamas everywhere. (This was across from the quilt shop in Logan).

And, I was really paying attention to the conversation we were having at the Bluebird Cafe ... except when I was taking this photo under the table of the tile work.

I spent Wednesday evening trimming up HST with my cool new tool.   Which resulted in perfect squares...

and a pile of confetti.

I'll blog more about that quilt top which I'm calling "Blue Lemonaide" and it's story later....

...but here it is being ironed in Renae Allen's amazing studio.  On the right is Anna of Victoria Rose Quilts being coached on free motion quilting by Renae.  Actually, I was the one who got most of the coaching....  I need TONS of practice.

And then I went to visit my mom, Betty Jeanne.  You can probably guess from this photo why the quilt I'm making for her is blue and white.  I caught her salting the margarita glasses.   Whooo Hoooo!

And at long last, I made it home late this morning.  I managed to unload the car while Harley Dude was out on a ride, so the real volume of my shopping will never be known.   A little more gardening to finish then I'm off to bail my machine out of the shop.


Marg said...

Spent a lot of Friday evening trimming up HST's too.
Love the llama pic, strange!
Love the pale lemon sashing.
I wish my mum was into salting Margarita glasses!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Isn't it funny what we see when we look? I love the art on the dumpster...too fun. Your Mom looks like she is having some fun too :)