Friday, October 21, 2011

Potential New Addiction

Wednesday I blogged about the Batik class that Skater Girl and I took at Cindy Peterson's Studio through the Boise School District Community Education Classes.

DD2 and I did 2 pieces collaboratively.  This lion is a Cosmetology School Graduation gift for Big Sis/DD1-aka-Guitar Girl who just happens to be a Leo.  White is the initial outline (with a  painted eye and nose).  Then dipped in tan for 40 min.  Then the next week, the face was waxed off then dipped in red for 15 min.  All the lion was waxed then dipped in black overnight.  

This is the giant lion that appeared as a tattoo on on DD1's back when she turned 18.  You can see why we thought this was a good plan.

Cindy issued a challenge that was supposed to be a green color-transition project.  But with the short time of the class, the outline and hand painting that Skater Girl did, only underwent a black dip.  The black dye ended up a cool splotchy purple.  This morning I bought some black Rit Dye and after waxing off the background, dipped the bird body in black dye ( 1/2 bottle dye, 1/2 c salt, 2 gal water) and let it soak for 2 hrs.  If I would have left it longer, the background would have had more crackle.
And, know me.

Since there was black dye available, I decided to make a wax stamp out of a hanger.  I was really trying to take advantage to the normal curves of the hangar, but I think it looks like a nose.

I stamped the nose randomly in the hopes it would look less nose-like, on some dark pink fabric.

Clearly, I need a new camera.  The real color of this is a dark purple that is nearly black in natural light.  The base color is a dark pink.

So, obviously, not only do I love batik fabric, but I really love making batik fabric and paintings.  Does this have the potential of getting out of hand?  Yea. Duh.


LynCC said...

Oh.... wow - that must have been fun! I remember as a child watching ladies in either New Delhi or Sri Lanka making batik fabrics and being fascinated with their work.

Patti said...

Wow! Lucky you, to have access to such wonderful classes. It looks so amazing. Great work.

Archie the wonder dog said...

This sounds like great fun and I love what you've made!!

Lynne said...

What fun - I love what you've done!

Katie said...

Wow the lion is gorgeous! I've always been a dye it any way fan, and recently bought a book on batik tips to do at home... But none of her suggestions are as intricate as your lion ;) btw the pink/purple fabric doesn't look at all nose like the way you stamped it

Rona said...

Thank you for your comment on my Blogger's Quilt Festival quilt. I'd love to see what you do with the lion. It's stunning!