Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fooled Ya!

I continue to work on quilting the diamond border on the Heron quilt.  I decided on a larger version of the Sashiko style diamond that I used on the quilt that's on my blog header.  I increased my normal stitching length from about 15 to 12 stitches per inch in the hopes that the stitching would be more noticeable.  Unfortunately, when I'm not paying attention, I revert back so the stitches are sometimes less pronounced than I'd planned.
There are places where the diamond grid got skewed as I was trying to match bottom to sides.  This didn't worry me though since I learned the last time I did this fill that you can fool the brain into thinking it's all the same.  This is one of the most wonky diamonds.  Instead of the sides being equidistant at 2.5" it is 2" one way and 3" the other.  By having that end diamond finish the same size as the others, you don't notice the difference unless you are really, really looking for it.    After I finish this corner (where the difference is mostly) I'll take some better pictures (better light and with my camera instead of phone) to prove the point.  

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