Monday, October 14, 2013

Skirt Cont...

I do believe that I left off having finished this panel and debating about background fill.

The comments left about stippling detracting from the design reminded me of this practice piece I had done.  It did, indeed, detract from the central design.

I problem that I resolved by keeping the background fill linear.

So I decided to try that on the skirt panels.  I did switch to a grey thread and a walking foot.

To bypass the marking issues, I tried using freezer paper templates.

Didn't really work.

I would be outlining nicely, then the paper would become un-fuzed and I was either running the foot under the paper, or it would randomly run over one of the pointy tips.

The result was 2 side panels that look more like cousins than twins.

After a hot wash and dry, they have some nice texture to them.
Since I don't hate them at this point, I shall continue on.  I've managed to make the whole project more difficult by adding a pocket detail that wasn't in the original skirt, a separating zipper, and a new waist detail.  I am absolutely certain that my plans exceed my abilities.   Stay tuned.


Julie Fukuda said...

I am in awe of anyone who can make a machine behave that well.

Glenda said...

Hi Marjorie I do enjoy visiting your blog, it is very motivating and I always learn some thing new from you. What a mammoth task you are working on at present, I did a quick back run of your blog and think your William Morris skirt is beautiful. Cheers Glenda

LynCC said...

You go!!! I love watching this project. :)