Monday, March 13, 2017

Wilson 1936

I have a new addition to my house.  A 1936 Wilson treadle machine.  

My buddy Boomer is a retired mechanic.  And he has discovered a new gift as an old Sewing Machine Whisperer.  He turns dusty relics into functioning machines.

This gorgeous machine was given to him by our mutual friend Joe.  

It now works as good as it looks.  He had to scavenge parts from a Singer 15-91.

As soon as I finish the giant cat quilt (almost there), and a piecing project I started on the 1955 Singer 15-91 I bought from him, I'll start learning on the treadle by making a thank you gift.


Annelein said...

What a lovely machine...

Marj said...

Beautiful machines! I have a Singer 15-91 that I just had rewired and now just need to get the rest of the sludge out of it. Look at Tim Latimer
He quilts on a treadle..

Lynette said...

Now, that's just gorgeous :)

Angie in SoCal said...

Looks great. Does it have a regular bobbin?