Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Color Columbines

Here are the first 2 of the color columbine blocks.  The 3rd is about 1/2 done, and I finally have a pattern drafted for the fourth block in both styles.  Interestingly, the butter yellow fabric that I used, looks pink in the photo.  I also ran into challenges b/c it is a somewhat sheer least if you have a dark red behind it.  I'm going to have to replace that with a light yellow batik if I follow through with plans to turn these into kits.   This version is really a quilter's delight.  These look OK now, but I have plans for some very detailed quilting that will make all the difference.  I also see doing this one as a scrap/ stash block where I can use multiple shades of red (or blue) to give more depth and detail to the design.  I managed to get the directions put together over the past weekend, and have a couple quilter friends who have offered to take them for a test drive.  I hope to have these sent out by Feb 1.  We're helping friends move this may be a while until I'm free to work on these projects again :(

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