Friday, January 22, 2010

Columbine 3

     I finished the 3rd columbine design Monday night.  Now I remember why they are called prototypes.  Some of the inner design lines that I was so delighted about in the line drawing, turned out to be frustrating to make, and didn't come out as I'd imagined.  On the other hand, I'm delighted with the overall feel of this flower, particularly when viewed from across the room.  The final pattern will have some revisions.
     Spent Wed night in design mode.  Made the adjustments to all 3 of the quilt blocks to adapt the pattern to a back-basting, multi color version.  I was keeping in mind some changes that might make it easier for less experienced appliquers.  Some of those changes may end up in the final silhouette versions as well.  I was able to prep those blocks and start figuring out the yardage...and have the fussier sections of columbine 2 finished.  This weekend's goals are to finish at least one of the multi-color blocks, write the first draft of the directions, and design the 4th (final) block of this series.

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