Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My quilting resolution last year was not, as many quilters attempt, to do one project at a time. Instead, I opted for one project of each technique at one time. Originally, I thought of that as one applique, one quilting, one piecing. As my goal list gets longer, I'm finding it difficult to limit to those 3 categories. I was just looking over the projects in the pile and realized the current categories are:
Easy/fast applique (Joseph's Coat)
Fussy/annoying applique (Grand Teton National Park Floral)
Lap Quilting (Garden of Stiches)
Machine quilting & binding (Whitney's purple blocks)
Prep for machine quilting (Double Irish Chain)
Prep for machine applique (Aspens)
Original Design finished, ready to start piecing (Fall Colors)
Original Design struggling, still finding solutions to re-make a project that wasn't going as I'd hoped (black/white kaleidescope)

And I'm putting all that in writing to try to convince myself that I can't start the 4 projects that are designed AND I have all the fabric for.

Maybe if I work really hard at my REAL jobs over the next 2 days, I can finish those pesky professional projects to free up some quilting time at the end of the week.

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