Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I must finally be officially well and over the Crud as this is the first night in 2.5 weeks that I've been awake after 9pm.

I haven't been completely neglecting my quilt addictions.  The photo shows the first 2 9patch blocks of "$2.25 + Tax".  I have the first hundred-or-so HST blocks ready to go.  This afternoon I finally decided to group them 9 triangles together rather than any of the random or pinwheel patterns I'd been contemplating.  In case you weren't paying attention earlier...this is the $1.25 thrift store sheet plus 2 mens cotton shirts that I got in an all-you-can-fit-in-a-bag-for $1.   The funny thing about that is that this morning when I couldn't find anything to wear to work....I did wonder if the brown linen pants that I got in the $1 bag would actually fit me (after all they were my size...). Turns out they fit very well.  Finding something in my Jewel Tone Wardrobe to go with them was a whole different story.  In the back of the closet I found some pointy toed metalic bronze flats that I bought to go with a retro cream colored 50's dress.  I was able to dust off a 40's navy blue blazer...and decided that a lime green t-shirt would be fine...since lime is a neutral color.

Most of my quilting time in January has been spent in an all-out effort to finish the Joseph's Coat.  I won't post a photo since 20% done looks the same as 40 or 60% done in a photo.  I was feeling jubilant thinking I was about 60% finished by mid-month.  Then I made the foolish mistake of counting the ACTUAL amount of quilting left rather than the estimates I've been tracking since I was at the 20% point.  Bad news: I over-estimated by 3%.  Good news: I'm a tad over 72% finished.  If I can stay really focused...there's hope it will be ready before it's warm enough to work in the garden.


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Ethne said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and now getting back into the crafting mode again.
Don't beat yourself up re the amount of quilting you've done, if you've been working away on it there is more being done, simple as that, and when it's finished,it's FINISHED.