Thursday, April 26, 2012


Wow!  This bike DOES make my butt look small.  
I actually didn't realize how big the bike was until my daughter took this picture.  

I used the chaps I made a few years ago as a pattern. My biggest challenge was deciding how to match the grain an pattern on the hides.  
I totally splurged on lining.  It's crepe-backed-satin.  I cut the lining about 1/2" smaller than the leather and used a spray adhesive to hold it in place. 
Then I used glue and binder clips to turn over the raw edge.  That was all top stitched.  Unfortunately, I bought a spool of a heavy duty thread which was so thick that it was all used up by the time I went for a second round of stitching!  Seriously???  I finished up with regular poly thread.  I'm not showing you a close up.  My stitching lines are wobbly and random.  But I don't think you'll notice while I'm riding by you at 60MPH.  


Brynwood Needleworks said...

You look Fabulous! I love that you made your own chaps, too! You're one up on me. ;-)


Tina said...

Love the chaps, the color is great.