Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SW Quilting

I haven't posted lately because a) I 've been on vacation  b) I've been crabby about life events that cut into my quilting time.

These are 1/3 yard cuts that were able to sneak into my stash on my trip to Arizona.  2 are from Glendale and 1 from Havasu. (total score...I dropped everyone off at the London Bridge and doubled back to the fabric shop I saw as we drove in. )
   I had a whole quilt designed as "Utah Construction" but settled on just making a throw pillow.  The inspiration was the long construction delay near Provo.  Unfortunately, it took me a long time to find the Utah map in the car to bypass the construction.  What can I say...Usually I can drive through the state with vague directions like..."if you're in Payson you've gone too far".
 Interestingly, this lag triggered a conversation with the teens about religion.  Not about theology, but rather about what specific religions are "known for".  There was discussion about which religions discourage drinking and dancing...then somehow that ended up with this discussion:
Me:  I heard at my quilt group that Lutherans are known for their love of coffee. Daughter: Really?  Because Kaily is Lutheran.  I've gone to church with her.  It's freaking boring. It's no wonder the have to drink coffee just to make it through the services.....

OK...but I digress.  Look at the detail of the photo above.  The swirls were the inspiration for this quilt.

The top piece quilting was done using a walking foot.
And the lower piece using FMQ.  I do not have any doubt about which I like better.


Julie Fukuda said...

Very pretty fabrics. I sure don't need any but would have had a hard time passing those up.
I love to hear what kids are thinking. So funny!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I think both quiltings are beautiful!! I would have brought the fabric home too....lol

Ethne said...

Love your batiks - I got 2 batiks, a yard of each for my birthday yesterday. Now to find some more to compliment them and some solids and I can make myself a birthday quilt ;o)

Celeste said...

Beautiful fabrics, funny story, and I am just not someone who is ever going to be really comfy with FMQ. I can accept that MQ is a good thing but it's always going to be a chore for me.