Monday, April 30, 2012

April FMQ challenge technique

Don't you hate it when you try something that you are sure is going to be wonderful, only to find out you're wrong?

I loved the Don Linn tutorial  on Sew Cal Girl using tulle to transfer a quilt design.  

I tried it on a Friday Freebie design from

Unfortunately, my pattern seems to have shifted when I was tracing and my repeated design came out wonky.  So I gave up on the interior design which would have just added another level of unpleasantness and added some stippling to distract from the overall horribleness.

I will be trying this technique again.  On a different design.  When I'm not tired.  And when I'm not facing a deadline.  I'm sure it will be wonderful next time.


Ethne said...

Oh the trials and tribulations of testing new things - just as well you are better on the bike shop hop ;o)

SewCal Gal said...

You did a good job. Deadlines are difficult.

I do try to emphasize that the 2012 FMQ Challenge should be all about learning/improving our FMQ skills and not about prizes. So, I hope you don't feel pressure with future monthly tutorials. Just practice and have fun.