Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I spent some time over the weekend with my favorite 1 year old twins.  It was the first time we had lunched together.  I was inspired to make some extra long bibs as a surprise Christmas gift.  A quick search resulted in this free toddler bib pattern.  The original uses oil canvas and bias tape.  The link has a great tutorial along with it.  

Changes from the original included using a single piece of fabric, folded on the upper age for the pocket. 

There were a couple scraps that were too small.  I spliced on another piece of fabric and top stitched it in place.  
The backing was left from the quilt I finished yesterday.  It was a cotton sheet from Ikea.  I found a small hole right in the center of one of back layers. 
I found a piece of white fabric that had some fusible on the back already, and stitched on a secret flower. 
Then I sewed a front to the back with a 1/4 inch seam, leaving an opening on a straight side section.  After turning and pressing, top stitched right on the edge.

With all the unexpected adaptations I had to make, it was still under 3 hours for 4 bibs.

A nice change of pace from quilting.


LynCC said...

Those fabrics made the cutest bibs!

Amy said...

Just love those quick projects. They are so rewarding. And I bet the mom and twins will love them too.