Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Out Of Control Creativity

I have a serious problem.  It is pathological creativity.  Once that idea kicks in, I can't stop.
No.  Really.

So I was hanging out with my favorite 1 year old twins this weekend and discovered that my darling Jamie is obsessed with tags.  The tag on a commercial blanket.  Flipping over the throw rug to find the tag.  This girl loves tags.  Who am I to judge?

I had seen some mini-quilts on line focused on the idea that lots of babies like tags.  And the concept of Mr Taggit was born.

I cannot say Mr Taggit without throwing in a Northern Midwestern accent. (throw in a y before the a and drag it out the"a" a bit?)

This is a police sketch of Mr Taggit.

I searched through my stash and found a piece of yellow minkie fleece from a project one of my daughters made and a remnant of flannel in a  yellow/orange floral that I bought at a second hand store for $3.

The color scheme was set.

I found a little bit of gold satin ribbon in the stash, and about a yard of some glorious silk green/brown.  My sole investment in this project was 2 rolls of wide yellow satin and gold grograin ribbon (half price).  I threw in 1.5 yards of the wide ric-rac since I thought the texture would be great.

FYI, the final tag count is 77.
Is Mr Taggit eating something to the left? Or running away toward the right?


Amy said...

2015, Mr. Taggit, 2015! Yes, I will clone you, and then take over the world! Bwahaha!

LynCC said...

Haha!!! Love the pic. What a terrific blanket for a tot - I can just imagine how much they'd love all those tags and textures.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Mr Taggit is brilliant! I've made small versions but had never thought of a giant version. Or adding eyes. Genius!

Nancy said...

Mr. Taggit what a great name.