Friday, December 5, 2014

Mr Snaggit

Meet Mr Snaggit
He suffers from lipodystrophy and scars.

He is BFF with Mr Taggit.  

Earlier this evening Mr Snaggit nearly underwent a sex change.  

I had decided that the nap of the fabric on the lower jaw was important to be continuously in the same direction of the plushie.  This means that my scrap is just a wee bit too small.
I spliced on some fabric for the upper spikes.  I was thinking that I might have to hide this with a giant attached "hair bow". 

Thankfully, the creases at that point hide the seam and if you look at the top picture, you can see that other spikes look more seamed than the ones that are.  

His name is related to the pocket behind that questionable dentition.  He might actually be better identified as Mr Snackit.  


Amy said...

Mr. Snaggit is a STAR in my book! His corona is just a little uneven this time of year.

Nancy said...

How funny!

Nanna said...

too cute!


LynCC said...

Haha!!! The two together are just so awesome. :D