Saturday, February 7, 2015

Planning Quilting

I had stalled out on the IWMC quilt as I needed to decide on the background quilting.  I'm back on track having figured out a couple problems.

I drew out a cartoonish version of the very detailed Crue'd Pig logo.  It was not in the original plan, but is now my favorite bit for the background.

I discovered that they do, indeed, still make ConTact paper.  I was also pleased to discover that a dressmaking tracing wheel does an excellent job of transferring a design to the sticky backed paper so I can use is as a quilting template.

And a practice piece demonstrates that it sticks well for FMQ.

This is going to let me follow through with some of the ideas that I have that wouldn't work with my traditional marking methods since I'm quilting on a black fabric and have not had luck with any marking tools I've tried lasting long enough through marking and quilting on a domestic machine.

Once I finalize a tire-track pattern for the border, I think I may be ready to start quilting.

1 comment:

LynCC said...

Hey! Great idea - so you just stick it on and outline it for your FMQ work? (Not stitching through the contact paper, right?)