Monday, February 16, 2015


I was going to get started on the IWMC quilt, but got sidetracked.

These are the practice panels that I've been using for FMQ.

I matched up the remaining sections with batting and background yesterday, and worked on finishing these up.  There are only about 9 blocks to go.

There has always been a master plan for all these little sections that I've been quilting on.  They were designed as variable width strips put together with a QAYG technique.

The connecting strips are 1.5" wide, folded in half and the raw edges lined up with the edge of the completed block.  There's a yellow strip on the back (all the backings are different shades of yellow or gold), and the front strip matches the block.  On this section, the strips are half green, half red. Then I butt the raw edges together and zig-zag.  The strip is then flipped over the joining stitching and hand stiched in place on front and back.

I like the way the finish looks with the hand stitching.

I am trying to repeat some designs that I tried early in the project to see if my progress is noticeable.

The red version was my first try.  The hooks are much more restrained and rounder on the right than on the left side of the spine.

The green version I did yesterday.  The loops are more flamboyant and the whole process felt smooth and flowing.

I guess I am getting better at this with practice!

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