Monday, April 13, 2015

Creative Ride

My bike completed her Primary Mission today.  She was purchased to complete fabric runs on winding mountain roads.  (Note the odometer 4022.  I bought her the end of August.  I live at 44 North.  Clearly, it's been a mild winter here.)

It was 75 degrees in the valley today, and equally delightful in Crouch, ID.

I bought 4 different orange batiks as I have recently discovered that I don't have any orange in the stash.  Which is weird as it was my favorite color when I was 5.  Oh yea, I remember why.  Maybe a story for a different day.

And I ran into a former neighbor in the quilt shop.

We had the road to ourselves being as how it was Monday.  Tons of sand and a fair share of rocks.  Typical Spring riding.

I have been really protective of "MY" Mondays off.  Hubby quit his part time job so is "really" retired now. I don't mind sharing my day off if it goes like this.

My nephew Phillip has claimed this quilt, much to my delight.  I've designed several "custom" quilts for him that never really worked for me.  I spent the ride thinking through quilting possibilities.

Our last discussion for design involved paisleys.  But he's a gear head, so I was trying to think of ways to use that to personalize it.  

Here's my first attempt.

Spark Spark Paisley.

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Amy said...

What a great way to spend a Monday off! Glad to hear you enhanced the oranges in your stash. And equally glad to hear that a nephew claimed the cool top from yesterday. What about quilting cogs over the colored part that touch where the colors meet? Or does gear head mean he's into cars or cycles?