Monday, April 13, 2015

Distraction UFO

I was tidying the sewing room (aka still looking for the missing template) when I ran across the green squares for this quilt, along with a black and white print out of the inspiration quilt from Crazy Mom Quilts. 

Being as how scrap quilts beget scrap quilts, I had a bin of blue strips, so started putting that one together.  The cleaning process also found some light purple strips, and I was able to find some non-batik purple in the stash that really needed to be used.  Deciding on the 4th color was a challenge.  I considered fuchsia, but wanted the quilt to be gender neutral since I haven't decided on a recipient. I am pretty happy with the yellow.

Looking forward to trying some detailed machine quilting in those big, blank spaces.  I am sure that my vision exceeds my ability, but I won't get better unless I do it.


amandajean said...

it's so fun to see this quilt! It looks great with all the white surrounding it. You did a great job on it!

I never did finish my version yet, but I look forward to doing so at some point. I know it will be a favorite!

Lynette said...

Hey, neat distraction work. :D Perfect for practicing or expanding quilting skills, too. Did you ever find that missing template?

Amy said...

I like this distraction. Maybe it's more of a diversion... The yellow is an excellent choice. I might have gone with orange, but you have some excellent yellows in your stash, if I remember the gray and yellow one from last year. How big did you make it?

Raewyn said...

Looking good - 'scrap quilts begetting scrap quilts' - oh yes, I can relate! A bit like 'the song that never ends'!! Have fun with th quilting :-)