Sunday, July 5, 2015


I started my day with grand plans to master t-shirt making.  After the 3rd tutorial I read I became completely paranoid and decided that I needed to pre-wash all the knit fabric I have since I have no recall of if it was washed before or not.  That ended up being 5 loads.  In the process of sorting, I managed to remove a large bag of nasty-textured fabrics, wondered why I have several yards of corduroy (also in the donate bag) and some random fabrics which may or may not be usable for quilting cottons.

 As a warm-up, I overhauled this t-shirt.  This was the logo on the back.  Now it's 3-D.

Did manage to find a double needle and just tucked under the raw edges.
I find it annoying to put an awesome motorcycle logo on the back of a t-shirt which can't be seen when wearing a vest.

I managed to finally get around to hemming both the blue and green layer of this dress yesterday too.

This was my inspiration dress that I saw years ago.  The blue lace dress was part of the retro-stash I had that belonged to my mom.  I cut away the lining and made a tank style dress to wear under it.  My original plan was to make several different colored dresses to wear under it.

(LOL!  Just realized this mannequin looks like how I prefer to photograph myself!)

So, maybe tomorrow I'll make some progress on sewing something from the knit stash.

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