Friday, July 3, 2015

Why I don't sew clothes

When I learned to sew in Jr High, I was built like a stick figure.  As long as it fit at the shoulders, I could sew any pattern and it would work out with minimal adjustments.

Where to even start?  The measurements say I should be an 18, but the finished garment a 14.  Since I was using a pattern from the stash that only goes to 14, that's what I cut out.

The shoulders and neckline aren't bad.  The waist and darts OK too, though I'll probably add a little more ease on the side seams so it's easier to zip up.

But what's with the boobs?

The top of my finger is the bottom of the underwire of my bra.

There are 2 more inches that should be included in the bodice top.

It's not like these knockers are over-sized or hanging down around my waist.

I marked the muslin along the bra line.


Now to figure out a solution.

Addendum:  cut out a new bodice piece with some extra volume and changed the front joining seam to be curved.  I think this will work.


Amy said...

Nice trouble shooting. But your post reminds me what I gave up sewing garments years ago...

Archie the wonder dog said...

Are you long in the body? Or at least long from your armpit to the bottom of your rib cage? Or is the pattern based on someone with a very short body?!!