Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bookcase Quilt

My friend Robin was begging me to make her a bookcase quilt based upon the image she re-posted.  Unfortunately, I can't find the original artist.  Let me know if you know who made this so I can give proper credit.

As we've brainstormed, I suspect it will get more chotchkies than just books like this one from ShinyNewThing.

And I can't find the original reference for this quilt (help me find the maker!)  I suspect this is what Robin's shelves really look like.  I need a section or 2 of these magazines.

This will be a slow process with me making some books as the fabric shows up.  

Here's my master plan (such as it is).  6 shelves ranging from 8-14".  Life sized books:  7-9" paperback, 10" hardback, 11" cookbooks.  I'll use black for the background.  Brown for the shelving.  If you have any selvages I could use for the magazines please send them my way.  Also, I need a good section on bird books.    Let me know if you want to make this along with me and maybe we can arrange for some fabric swaps!


Lori said...

My mother, who is 92 btw, quilts. Well, she used to. She still works on quilt tops now and then. If she were younger I'd ask her to do one of these bookcase quilts for me. But I guess it's time I learned for myself, right? :)

I LOVE the bookcase applique quilts, and it looks like you have some really nice tutorials on you blog, so I guess I'll set myself a goal of learning how to do this.

Bobbi said...

I found the original artist of the quilt. Here is her post about it.