Saturday, December 19, 2015

Finished Pickle Dish

I took a series of beautiful outdoor shots of this finished quilt....and somehow got the photo settings all messed up.  So here's an indoor shot which is the best I can do given the weather.

Because I made it asymmetrical, I have a hard time deciding which way I would consider "up".  Guess that will be up to the recipient to decide.  (But I like this direction.)

After all the griping I've done over the years about feathers, I found them to be a pretty fast fill and a nice contrast to the geometric motif.   I even got to the point that I could draw out the spine and fake the rest.
I have washed this quilt twice.  First time on warm/cold and 2 color catchers.  A second time after the binding was on on hot/cold.  More color catchers that came out even darker.  One of these  reds (the center in this "eye") really faded a lot.  This is the second quilt this year made from "stash" fabric in which the color fading was horribly disappointing.   Yet another reason to stick with batiks.
Next up, the last of the "Nephew" quilts.  Steam-pumk elements are penciled in on the white sections.  Using the walking foot for the octagons, then moving on to some fun FMQ.


Catherine said...

Your pickle dish quilt is fantastic - I love the drama of the colours and the movement the different reds give it. Your quilting is amazing too!

Archie the wonder dog said...

They're both stunning quilts!

Barb N said...

What's that? You can't take photos in the fog? Oh, well - your quilts are beautiful. It's amazing how much the fabric can bleed out. Your people will love them!