Sunday, November 6, 2016


I finished the first test block in the purchased fabrics and am, for the most part pleased with it.

Here's what the mock-up looks like.
At this point I had second thoughts about the dark brown squares.  It created the bold repeat I had planned for.   But is it too much?

So a week was spent considering options.

1) Terra Cotta.  Made the overall look very warm. Reads in a mid-tone. Tends to look very orange at a distance.

2) Original.  Boldest of the options.  Texture of the print preferred over all others among live viewers.

3) Picks up the other colors wanted, but reads as grey and makes the whole quilt look very cool colored.

4) A favorite print, but not enough contrast with the background fabrics, so it fades away.

A week and $30 later, I am back to the original plan.

Spent Saturday finishing cutting things out.

Tried a new HST tool from Quilt in a Day.  Unfortunately, I first encountered Elenor early in my quilting life and really dislike her presentation style so have ignored anything associated with the name.  My 6" ruler has gone missing and her 6 1/2" Triangle Square Up Ruler was what was available at the quilt shop where I went.   It is actually a very handy tool.  Since I quite like HST quilts, I see using it a lot in the future.

I discovered a major math error.   I had figured yardage before I changed the light green from a 2" square with a Y seam to 2 triangles.   Unfortunately that quilt shop is an hour away, and I was happily sewing in my PJ's, so I'll save that run for Monday.

It's not evident in this photo, but after I had about 1/2 of these sewn and pressed, I realized that I need to press the seams differently for the sake of quilting.

The one on the left is the original pressing which makes sense from a sewing standpoint.

But I want the pale sections to recede and I will be hand quilting, so I went back and pressed to the dark.

My plan for today is to finish all the piecing that I can without the stupid light green triangles.


Raewyn said...

Interesting to see how the flipping out of the colours (from your previous post) works - looks like a different quilt! Happy piecing :-)

Amy said...

OMG, this is a lot of piecing! While I love to piece, I know it's not your favorite. However, the result will be stunning.