Saturday, April 14, 2018

Popsicles UFO

 I started this quilt 8 years ago.  It is Terrece Beesley's " Popsicles Momsicles" watercolor.
I was pondering why something I love so much became a UFO.   I think I know the answer.
 1) Size.  This is roughly 70" square.  Working on the outer edges is pretty easy, but when it comes to the center, both pattern pieces need to be taped together and the only place big enough is the living room.  Taking up a public space for an extended period of time, removed from the sewing machine, was a barrier.
 2) Technique.  When I started this, it was my plan for all the linear section to be pieced. This involved a lot of very fussy tracing and piecing to try to exactly replicate the original.  You can see that in the photos above and below.  Which is weird b/c I like to applique, and there are many other finished details that are applique.
 Last time I worked on it (a year ago?), I did let go of the original technique and started focusing on capturing the intent of the details instead.  The upper raspberry popsicle was focused on piecing to capture the shading, and applique for the shape.  I'll finish the orange popsicle now by making it in big chunks of orange and going back to applique the white reflections.
Good news is that my machine quilting skills have improved over this 8 years, so I am really looking forward to quilting it, and now have the ability to add a very interesting layer of quilting texture that I think will improve the finished piece.  I'll keep you  posted.

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