Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Prep your Puns

I spent my morning giggling over the "Hey Girl..." posts on Quilt Dad.  They are short statements intended to make women swoon.    My faves from his site are:

Hey girl. I think I'll call you Ric-Rac. 'Cuz you're cute & I like your curves.

Hey girl, I just love our bedroom this time of year. It's when we can switch from our mermaid quilt to our unicorn quilt.

Hey girl, I'm so glad you signed up for another round of that pillow swap. I think 14 is the perfect number of pillows to have on our bed.

Hey girl, I know they look alike, but you totally posted a picture of that quilt before she did. She's obviously a poser. And fat.

If you haven't already, head over and read John's post, but please go to the bathroom first and avoid drinking beverages b/c I don't want to be responsible for water damage from spit-takes and,  well...laughing.

So, meanwhile, I've been planning a big January give-away for a while.  I was sending out emails, begging some of my friends with quilting businesses to participate.  I had arbitrarily picked my husband's birthday for the give away date, because I won't forget it.  It's January 25th.  This year is one of "those" years.  The big landmark type that ends in a "0".   When suddenly it occurred to me that the perfect melding of my hobby and his birthday, was to make the give-away a PUN CONTEST.  Harley Dude loves puns.  He's known to use them much like mere mortals use Tazers to render the people around him incapable of moving (due to uncontrolable laughter and fear of peeing themselves).

So prep your puns for January and let me know if you would like to donate some prizes in exchange for being able to dictate some of the rules of the pun challenge.

According to Webster: 
Pun:  the usually humorous use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more of its meanings or the meaning of another word similar in sound. 

Examples from Pun of the Day 
I work in a sweater factory. It's a very clothes-knit community.
I used to like Russian dolls until I realised they were full of themselves!
The man's igneous puns were eventually written in stone.


Ethne said...

You are certainly getting into the holiday spirit - laughs and giveaways - (but you are a tease)
Warmest blessings for this holiday season, take care and enjoy
Looking forward to seeing what you've planned for next year ;o)

quilthexle said...

Sounds like great fun !! Would love to donate a prize - how about a set of my hand dyed fabrics? Please, count me in !!

Granny Annie said...

I am SEW excited. I live with King Pun himself and I would love to have some of my own to spring on him with! Oh wait January is still winter....