Sunday, January 31, 2016

Evolution Quilting

I'm quite pleased with my FMQ progress on Evolution.  I made dark blue narrow stripes by eye.  I think this will have even better texture after washing.   The center square flower I found on line and am happy to give credit to Lori Kennedy.  She even has a free tutorial at this link.   It was fun to make and I love how it turned out.  I like it so well that I used it in different colors on all the 4" to 6" squares in the quilt.

I tried a swirl with pebbles and feathers on a set of squares before I found the flower.

I tried a variety of fills on one of the corners.  Only one I like much is the feathers, but it is on a wider strip than most of the area I need to fill, but I am leaning toward feathers for the medium colored sections in the first photo.

I have been using up some varegated green thread.  I discovered a while ago that I'm not that keen on it for most quilting motifs that I do as the dark/light can make it's own odd, unpredictable patterns.

Back to the sewing room for me.  (After a glass of wine and looking for a design for the large square I need to fill.)

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liniecat said...

It looks really striking!
: )