Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I was going to be posting about 2 finished pillows today, but instead I got caught up cleaning and organizing.  It started with 3 drawers in the bathroom and ended in the Studio.

I am, and always will be a "piler".  (My husband is a "spreader".)  Here are the piles on the North end of the room.

The remaining big bins will be there until I sew some clothing or admit that I'm never going to sew clothing and give that fabric away.

Success in this area was the result of my giving away 80% of the scrap-booking stuff which freed up 5 of the drawers in the right stack.  I found several things I didn't know I had, and over time, some of these things may go away.  For example, I'm pretty much over the need to make ribbon flowers.

The other set of shelves was in shambles as well.

Discovered that the baskets hid random fabrics that fit into the "why do I have this" category.

While it doesn't appear much better, it is better organized and the small bookcase is no longer hiding a pile as big as it is.

There are probably several more hours of organizing to be done, but at least it's functional and I have a grasp on some of the bigger bits of leftovers that I can't bear to toss out.


Archie the wonder dog said...

You've made quite a dent in a relatively short time - good luck with the rest of it!

Amy said...

Round of applause! Organization is on my list for January, after the charity quilt blocks from an inherited stash are done. You know what kind of fabrics these are... hope your finds were much better.