Monday, January 11, 2016

Long Lost Popsicles

After finishing my errands and most of my chores, I decided it was time to put the Popsicle pieces up on the design wall.  I was shocked to realize I started this in June 2010 and last worked on it March 2011.

It was rather concerning to me that these bits are not very square which will make the joining rather interesting.

Task 1 was embroidering the signature on the lower left corner.  The artist is my husband's cousin and at some point I had her sign it in pencil to be extra legit.

After I took the first photo, I found 2 other pieced section of the background.

I have spent considerable amount of time trying to find this long lost project, and periodically think I'm missing more pieces.

I also couldn't find the original photo anywhere on my computer.  Thank goodness for the Internet.
Today's accomplishment was the upper popsicle - strip pieced and shading appliqued over top.   And a good start on the remaining half of the orange popsicle.
Hopefully this mix of methods  will end up flowing alright.

Pulling this project out is really amazing to see how much my skills and techniques have improved over 6 years. .  Where I started out carefully templated piecing,, I found myself today doing improv applique.  I'm also kind-of glad that I didn't finish it sooner.  I can imagine much different quilting than I had planned previously, which I think will add to the overall look, as well as hiding some inperfections.

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