Sunday, January 10, 2016

Goals - Old WIPS

Like many people, I'm much better at starting a project than finishing it.  As part of my recent organizing efforts, I have tidied up my blog, including an updated WIP page.  This is only a fraction of my UFO's.  It is supposed to be the ones I am committed on working on this year.  Some have been on the page for 6 years.  One of the things that I teach in my day job is goal setting.  Including "put it in writing" and being accountable to someone.  So here you go.

Monet's woman with Parasol.

If I remember correctly, I have the 2 main people sections done.  The new design wall will make a big difference on some of the connecting sections.  It seems like I ran out of the fusible I was gridding this out on and need to change to just regular piecing.


This is the watercolor by Terrece Beasley.  I have most of the big sections of this done, but it was a project that spread all over the house so it's been hard to finish.

But my machine quilting has improved to the point that I am now excited to quilt this one.


Deserves to be hand quilted.   I splurged on a wool batting this fall and think this is where to use it.  And I decided on a recipient so it moves up the priority list.   Just need to buy a backing.


Because I have a black batting I bought for this that is taking up a lot of space.

And I finally have the quilting skills to make this look pretty amazing.

Betty Jeanne.

Of the 80 squares I needed, these are the 9 that are finished.  She's now 86.  I may need to reconsider the concept and make it a highlight reel rather than a square to represent each year of her life.

I also have 5 newer projects that are on the to-do list including Big Ass Cat 2, the temperature quilt, bookcase, and the Evolution scrap quilt, a couple pillows and a scrap quilt with a lot of FMQ for a niece.

I'm also determined to do more clothes sewing.  But I say that every year too.

Addendum:  I was invited by Archie the Wonder Dog to join a I will.

FAL 2016


Archie the wonder dog said...

Good luck with these projects! If you fancy some encouragement on your way (and the chance of winning a prize!) then perhaps you might like to join the Finish Along?

Lisa J. said...

Good luck with all your beautiful finishes.

Nicky said...

Those are some fantastic projects! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts. Glad you joined in!