Monday, November 2, 2009

Fabric Audition

The Joseph's Coat Quilt Along has started on Kellie's Blog site and I've been busy trying to decide what fabrics to use. I think that I'm going to dip into my batik collection that I've been gathering for a Dragonfly Quilt for myself. But, I've designed about 3 variations of a quilt with no decisions. Maybe if I just borrow a little bit....
Older daughter picked out the stack on the lower right as her favorites. The center bottom blue/green and the bottom left multi are the big pieces that I'll use to pull it all together. I went shopping for an all cotton sheet to use for the background. The blue/green I picked up for $15 looks good with the blues and purples, but I'd have to leave off all the lime greens. I was looking for pink or lavender without any luck. Will probably use white. (The same amount of yardage would cost at least $60)
I'm anxious for Kellie to post the rest of the directions. I decided that I couldn't afford the fusible, wash-away product she's using for her technique. So I'm sticking with my favorite trace-baste-trim needle-turn applique technique. That'll save me 2 steps and $60. (Apparently I'm both cheap and lazy.)

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