Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Quilt Indulgence

I found myself in the delightful position today to have about 4 hours to do whatever I wanted, with no family or work commitments (and no one around to bug me). I squandered a good chunk of that time watching cooking shows and working on the Coral Reef quilt. This quilt is eternally on the bottom of the priority list b/c I'm making it for myself and gift quilts keep pushing it out of the que.

I'm completely spoiled by having excellent quilt shops and 2 large fabric stores within a couple miles of my house. Today I ventured to a neighboring town to check out a shop that I thought had closed, but found out they had just moved. Lots of pretty fabric, but nothing that begged to come home with me. I was rather disappointed as I was hoping to find fantastic raspberry and lime batiks to go with one of 3 projects that I'm planning. On my way home, I stopped at Craft Warehouse where, much to my delight, the batiks were marked down 44-47% off!!! I only bought 8.5 yards. How's that for restraint?

Tonight I read about a UFO challenge called "Joy in the New Year". The idea is to clear the sewing room of unfinished projects. I have dozens in the planning least 13 that I have fabric and at least part of a design for. But I committed to 3. 1)Finishing the hand quilted Hawaiian Coral Reef (which has already eaten over 300 yards of hand quilting thread). 2)Helping my daughter machine quilt her purple quilt 3)Finish hand appliqueing the Lupines on my Teton National Park block (I may also have to re-do the leaves as I'm not happy with how they turned out. There are a couple more projects that I have in progress...but if I get these 3 done, I'm bribing myself that I can start a really exciting/challenging project that I've been collecting fabric for....

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