Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hawaiian Quilting

I was looking through my patterns to find the designer of the Fushia Block that I recently posted...It's Up Country Quilters in Kamuela Hawaii. While I was looking for an on-line link, I ran across some other Hawaiian Quilt websites to share.

Pokalani & Co is one of the sources of patterns that I used. They have 3 books with 15 patterns each. (The shop link was broken, but these are also available from The website has 3 free patterns and plenty of pictures for inspiration, as well as history and lore of Hawaiian quilting.

Quilt Hawaiian has quilts from several designers. They have more full quilt patterns, where the Pokalani patterns are for individual squares.

According to the Pacific Rim Quilt Company the people at UpCountry Quilters have retired. That was where I bought many of my quilt patterns when I visited Kamuela HI. They carry some of those designs, and many others.

This inspires me to work on yet another of my UFO's... A bed-sized "Coral Reef" pattern. I bought the fabric and pattern as my souvenir of the Big Island and had it appliqued within a couple months of our visit. A couple years later, I put it on the quilt frame to quilt, but decided that all the curves were too difficult in that process, so it's been a lap quilt project for the past couple years. Because it's nearly King's a cold weather project. Hmmm...maybe someday it will get done.

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