Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Update

I now have 4 of the Joseph's Coat Blocks done. I'm still very anxious to see how these are going together, but will have to wait as well as having faith in Kellie, as she won't be posting the next step for a couple weeks. Looks like she wants us to have 14 blocks done before they are joined together.

Still slogging away on the coral reef quilt. I have most of the light green background filled in. Need to go back and quilt 6 of the fish in the middle that I missed, and 3/4 of the outer border.

Was just given a design challenge tonight by Anna. In all my spare time, I'm to figure out a series of one-fabric applique patterns for a potential workshop in West Yellowstone. The concept being Hawaiian applique moves to the Intermountain West.

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