Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Silk Thread

I absolutely love silk thread for applique. Thanks Anna for the tip about how it absolutely disappears. On this project, I've been even more amazed with how the colors don't even have to match very closely. Unfortunately, I haven't found hot pink in this brand, so either have to use burgundy or light pink. This is especially helpful on this project with so many multi-color prints. I'd be very happy if I could also find a bright yellow.

The other advantage is that it allows me to use the super thin size 11 and 12 needles that have impossibly small eyes. I actually believe the quilter's lore about smaller needles = smaller stitches. Although I have used bees wax to prevent the thread from tangling, I really prefer the Thread Heaven thread conditioner. It's not as stiff as the wax, but gets the job done.

UPDATE: I finally broke down and searched the internet for the thread colors that I want, rather than try to find them locally. That turned out to be an expensive decision. But by buying a "collection" I saved nearly enough $ to pay for the shipping ;)

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