Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIP update 1-8-14

I continue to make slow, steady progress on hand quilting the USA quilt.

It's fun to remember things about these blocks as I do each one.  This is Corn & Beans for Iowa.  We pulled off the freeway in Elk Horn Iowa on a cross country road trip to find a quilt shop.  We opted for the scenic route past plenty of farm land to the next exit East, just for fun.

When I finish this block, I'll have 20 done.

I've put myself on a serious budget busting fabric diet this year.  The stash-busting I was working on last year, but buying nothing unless it's necessary to finish a WIP or UFO.

I wish I didn't have such expensive taste in needles.
$9!  Maybe this is offset by the fact I like $1 thimbles.

The black gold needles are so lovely for applique.  And since I added the Biggs BOM to my list of WIPs to round it out to an even 20, I might as well have nice tools.

The size 10 Bohin Applique needles are fantastic for making long joining stitches for these hand pieced blocks I continue to work on.

And the 4th WIP I worked on this week is practicing doodling feather as fill.  Next round of FMQ feathers that I try will be narrower than than the previous.


Raewyn said...

Got to have the right tools for the job! It's good to see you making good progress on your USA quilt... and working though your other wips too.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Looks wonderful. I'm trying some hand quilting myself.

LivinH20 said...

The feathers are looking good