Monday, March 23, 2015

A Sad First

I was on the homestretch on the fill and laid it out to look at it as a whole.  And I realized that I absolutely HATE how this fill looks.
I have liked this fill on smaller bits of background, but disliked some of the odd long line sections that turned up instead of the grid.  At first I though it was me being picky.  But the more I did, the less I liked it.

I have been ripping stitches out for the past 4 hours.

I have never been so unhappy quilting ever.

I have never before considered taking the stitching out.



Amy said...

ARGH! I feel your pain and hope you have some good DVDs or Netflix episodes to keep you company while you rip those stitches out. It's time well spent. If you don't love it, it needs to be changed. There's too much amazing work in this one to be sad over one part.

Nanna said...

well at least you got to the quilting part I've only made a few blocks, little ones at that! lol! & they don't call me, not at all lol!


Barb N said...

Oh, no! I ache for you. What a lot of work taking out all those stitches. It doesn't look so bad from our end of things. But you must have really, really, really disliked it.

Sarah Liz said...


Catherine said...

Oh, soul destroying work! It will be worth it in the end!