Monday, March 30, 2015


While not perfect, this is delightfully pleasing.  Having used this fill before, I know how nice it looks after the cotton batting shrinks.

Official time ripping my soul from the quilt.

On a bright note, the quilt was only 1 of 20 accomplishments on my day off "to do" list.  OK, really, I can claim this fabric as 21 & 22 as I went to the fabric store to by canvas or twill for motorcycle saddlebag overnight bags (not on the list, but the fabric store is between the post office and the wine shop). I was reminded that I was about to buy a head wrap/balaclava at a motorcycle event last week, except that she wanted $20 for an 18" square of fabric with one serged seam and raw edges.  So I was looking for some great lycra knit...This looked like great headband material.  Until I decided I needed enough to make a bikini.  And a t-shirt.

What?  You would have thought the same thing.

It was half price.

I bought the rest of the bolt. (It was only 2 yards).


Amy said...

It looks good, V-E-R-Y GOOD, Awesome Actually, and will be perfect after washing! 17 hours plus is worth the peace of mind. When it brings beau coup bucks home for the fallen officers and firefighters, you will forget the aggravation. Well, maybe not quite - kind of like childbirth. You'll do it again.

Can't wait for the post of you in the bikini!

Barb N said...

YES! Finished. On to other things, and it looks like you have a good-sized list of things To Do. Now you can add Make Bikini to it!