Saturday, March 28, 2015


I am almost done removing the offensive stitching.

I was planning a "finished" post.... but I stopped for a quesadilla. And a glass (or 2 )of wine.

And now I'm stalling.
A special thanks to those of you who took time to leave a comment.  I had posted this on my FB account for friends who were following my progress.  Having non-quilters say "it looks great to me" after you've been ripping your heart out for 5 hours is not what I needed.

So I want to publicly thank Catherine who aptly described this as "soul destroying work".  Sarah Liz, I did indeed need a sympathy card.  "I'm sorry for your loss" would be appropriate.  As Barb noted, I Really, Really, Really hated how it was looking.  And yes Amy, I've been watching lots of Netflix.

Speaking of Amy, The fill I'm planning on is the serpentine stitch with a walking foot that I used for the quilt that she won. (see below).

And speaking of awesome long term followers, Julie Fukuda, did you know you are currently a "no reply blogger"?


Lovelli Quilts said...

If you don't like it, rip it--I have my own ripping project--an entire quilt, aargh! You have given me the courage to start. Thank you.

Amy said...

Good choice. It reminds me of the slippery when wet road sign. I'm sure some of the bikers would like the double entendre that goes with it. Are you going to mark a couple of guidelines?

Ps. That quilt is getting great use this long, cold season! Still savoring the win and basking in your generosity. Thanks!

Barb N said...

Ah, fine wine! It will always lend a new perspective on my anything. Hope you get the ripping out finished soon so you can lay those ugly stitches to rest and proceed anew!