Sunday, March 1, 2015

Calling it Texture

Sometimes things turn out better than planned.  That includes this section of the upper wing.  I love how the high loft batting and the pebbled outline fill in the gaps left from the applique.

This  section turned out as well as planned.  I love the loft filling out the helmet and shield.  It's hard to photograph but the shadows in this shot help.  I think that I may have to go back and quilt the chest plate to make it recede compared to the other parts.  OK, now that I think about it, it needs hand stippling so it looks a bit dimpled.

And here is this round of quilting from the back.  Quite frankly, from this distance it looks pretty cool.

Up close and with contrasting thread,  you can see how often my outlining dipped into the applique.  I originally blamed the beer, but that happened in the sober light of day, so it's an experience issue.  This thread is also leaving periodic slubs on the back.  I think the problem is with the thread.  It's Clarks & Coats "Machine Quilting & Crafts" 30 wt cotton.  Sewing with a brand new Schmetz Microtex (Sharp) 70/10 needle.  I didn't have this trouble the last time I used this thread. Even in the straight sections using the walking foot it happens.  This is cotton batting, and last time I think it was a bamboo blend, so maybe that matters.  But I am choosing to ignore this.  I will call it "texture" and keep plugging away.

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LynCC said...

lol (at the beer comment) This is such a fun quilt - I just love it so much. I wouldn't worry about the wobbles in the outlining. The slubs - sometimes I get those with 100% cotton batting. It's got little nubs in it here and there as part of the natural fibers that don't seem to be in the 80/20 cotton/poly or the bamboo/cotton blends that I've used.