Monday, March 9, 2015


Today, I am doing the fills for the background squares,  This has not been without a lot of swearing and quite a few tears.  Oh, and lots and lots of seam ripper action.  All kinds of tension issues (thread tension I mean...though my stress level is rising).  Some of which I have fixed.  Others I am ignoring.

 I got cocky when I picked out a light backing fabric.  So every blip and tension issue shows.   But I really want people to identify that the background of the EMS block is an EKG.  (Sorry, the photo posted about 120 degrees off)  From the right side every other line is normal and every other is AFib.  Why? Because AFib is symmetrical so I could sew it right to left.

After spending a couple hours this morning trying to get a tire tread pattern I like, I gave up and decided to simplify the background fill.  Using Matrix for the center background, and some straight-ish lines for the outer border.

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Julie Fukuda said...

That is a cleaver idea. I have to say that I could never make a machine behave so well. I would have worn out the seam ripper before getting a quarter that far.